Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Dry Weekend

It's not like me to have fuck-all to say for myself after a sunny Dublin weekend. It's partially my own fault, I had the opportunity to go out on Friday night but as is my wont, I excelled myself on Thursday night instead (it began with a work do, and ended up in a basement club at stupid o' clock). As a result I was a clumsy mess for most of Friday and couldn't rouse myself to leave the flat that evening.

Shame that, because everyone else had so much fun on Friday night that they were incapacitated on Saturday, to the point where I couldn't even find someone to go to the cinema with. And for all my girl-about-town bravado, I still haven't found the balls to go alone. It's on my list of things to do now that I'm grown-up, independant, etc. but this weekend I chickened out and watched shite on telly instead.

Saturday night on my lonesome was bad enough, but Sunday sober and full of beans was intolerable. I ended up in the National Gallery trailing the tourists around on the free tour. I think it's time I stopped behaving like a student, and started binge-drinking at the weekends instead with the normal people.


rua said...

it wasn't that shite, better than a big long piece of shite at the very least

emordino said...

Bonus points for use of "stupid o' clock".

Rosie said...

brevity is the soul of my with, Rua a chroĆ­.

i invented stupid o' clock, EM.