Monday, October 22, 2007

Rolf Harris na Gaeilge

Tadhg does his best Gil Grissom Impression

I was a lazy wagon in college, as an undergrad at least. I'm paying for it now. I pulled my socks up a little (under duress) when I undertook to do an MA (because I didn't fancy leaving college and having to get a job) but not quite enough to atone for my previous bone-idleness. Now that I'm out in the big bad world and trying to earn a living for myself I've discovered that my brain atrophies at at frightening rate when I'm not studying, so last year I decided to bite off more than I can chew take on a part-time postgrad course. I love it, but as I studiously avoided tutorials for oh, 3 years or more, I'm just about keeping my head above water grammar-wise. So I've decided to get a little help this year in the form of an advanced grammar class. Which is where I was subjected to this:

Amhrán an Ghaeilgeora Mhóir
(Mac Dhonnagáin)

Mura bhfuil an tuiseal ginideach agat
Agus smacht ar do chuid “h”annaí
Níl suim laghad agam ionat
Mar is cinnte go mbrisfidh mo chroí
Ach más Gaeilgeoir snasta blasta thú
Is thuigeann cúrsaí gramadaí
Tar trasna na páirce móire chugam
Táim anseo i dtóin an .

Translated (roughly, and not by me) as:

If you don’t have a good grasp of the genitive case
And your “h”s aren’t in good shape
I have no interest in you
Because you’re sure to break my heart
But if you’re a polished, skilled Irish speaker,
And if you’re well across the grammar
Come across the big field to me,
I’m here in back of the house

As if reading it and underlining the finer points of the grammar wasn't punishment enough, we then had to listen to it. You can do the same yourself if so inclined here. A quote on the website boldly proclaims that "This classic recording from 1988 was greeted with horror by Irish-language purists when first released". I can't say I'm surprised, Irish-language purists have ears just like the rest of us so they were bound to find it offensive.

Would that I hadn't been such a dosser in college the first (or second) time around.


The Major said...

Hey,I've been checking your blog lately and really enjoying it.
I decided to go back to college 2 years ago - as a mature student i guess you could say. And these 2 years have been like a long long monday ( going from somewhere not fun, my job, to somewhere, well, i don't know yet).
Anyway, great blonk, i'll be reading you soon.

Rosie Cheeks said...

i gather from your own blog that you're a teacher. my heart goes out to you! you need balls of steel and the patience of a saint for that.

i suppose i'm technically a mature student too. ew. i never thought of that. i don't think my tutor sees me as a mature student though. i think he sees me as a pure chancer.

Conortje said...

I'm also dabbling with studentville at the moment. There's even a deadline looming... I've forgotten why I decided to do this masters course at all. Damn!

Rosie Cheeks said...

for the glory, Conor, for the glory...

aonghus said...

Amhrán den scoth atá ann. Ag magadh faoi saoithiní an Phinn Deirg. Is maith ann é.

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