Saturday, December 15, 2007

Welcome to Bad Barnet, Population: Me

One Hot Kitty

I got my hair cut yesterday and the scary lady who cut it and squished her boobs against the side of my head for a half hour straightened it when she was done. I now look a little like the cat pictured above. Apparently it makes me look much younger; so much so that when I went on a beer run this afternoon for tonight's party, they wouldn't sell me the beer. I'm 26, I don't carry ID. Instead I just stand there turning puce while my little sister laughs her arse off, produces hers and saves the day. The cashier still insisted on getting my age before he let me go and I don't think he believed me.


Primal Sneeze said...

Seems you have a drink problem - can't buy the damned stuff!

AJ said...

ROTFL, LMAO, LOL,. etc etc.
Sorry I'm laughing at the picture of that cat, no honestly I am.
Not laughing that your new haircut may make you look like that cat now. Lmao, or the fact that your'e 26 and the guy didn't believe you were over 18, rotfl, No, No definitely laughing at the pic of the cat.
You have admit the cat does look cute though, a bit pissed off, and definitely not old enough to drink, but cute nonetheless.

pink jellybaby said...

I bet you look good anyway.... and that's pretty much how iwish my hair would look! ;)

Jayne said...

sheesh, tell me where this woman is. I could do with having 8 years knocked off my age (I would still look old enough to buy booze sadly).

Rosie said...

AJ, any more ROFLing out of you and you'll be barred. i refer you to The Captain's rules:

Please refrain from using the term “LOL” in responses, as the Captain (that's me) finds it offensive. If you are a 14 year old girl, then you can use LOL. Otherwise, GFY.

he ain't the captain for nothing, you know.

Manuel said...

"squished her boobs against the side of my head"

It's the one thing I miss from going to the hairdressers......hate having no hair sometimes.....

conortje said...

I don't know where to look in moments like that - I start going red and almost announce that I'm gay each time hehe

Anyways you should be very happy to look so young :-)

davey said...

Youch. Um.. did you let her know prior what it was you were after? "Yeah what I'm really after is a Cher circa 1970 - Saxon foot soldier love child. Think you can handle that, vinegar tits?"

I always get really flustered that I have to make conversation with the person cutting my hair. Watching yourself talking with plastered hair while wearing a cape is all sorts of unconfortable. If you ask me.

Rosie said...

vinegar tits???

i told her what i wanted and she did just that, in fairness to her. it just looked mental because she straightened it.

if you want flustered an uncomfortable conversation i refer you to my previous post about bikini waxing. flustered and uncomfortable doesn't cover it.

OneForTheRoad said...

That cat looks fucking cool spacecat though. I don't see a problem.




Rosie said...

hmm. my sister once told me that i snore like a spacepig

(only when i'm drunk - in case there are any potential suitors reading this)

AJ said...

"Snore liek a SpacePig" ??
Ahahahaa... good to know.

But I think everyone snores badly when they're drunk, my lil bro once told me that he was going to go round the neighbours to tell them to stop drilling at 4 in the morning, then he discovered it was me snoring,
I was wee bit drunk. Don't snore at all when I'm sober.

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