Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Letter To An Older Rosie

I Even Stole The Major's Picture
Rosie, a chroí,

How's 35* treating you? I'm writing to you on the eve of your 27th birthday, looking for some reassurance: That you kept up the jogging and that you still pronounce it yogging, in homage to Ron Burgundy. That you've published your novel, and that someone's read it. That you've still got so many good friends. That you've grown out of jaegerbombs. That you've found a better cure for your black days than hot chocolate. That you've gotten a haircut that doesn't make you look like George from the Famous Five. That you've sorted your shit out, stopped having short-lived affairs with men who are plainly not going to fall in love with you and found one you're mad about who will. That you're healthy. That you're happy.

Ag súil go mór le do fhreagra,
*Inspired by the Major's Letter, it was originally to be to Rosie aged 30 but the chances of me having my shit together by then are slim to none.


prenderghast said...

The worst things about 35 (if I can remember that far back) are that the memory stops functioning, the hangovers get worse, and the hair decides to sprout everywhere but where it used to (earlobes, nose, etc.)

That's speaking as a bloke, of course.

Oh yes, and the memory stops functioning.

AJ said...

I did up something similar years back (think I was about 25ish). Though I think I was a little too optimistic, and aimed for 30 to have all that done by.
30 came, went and pissed itself laughing as it strolled past, sticking it's tongue out and giving me the finger. Bit harsh I thought, but probably served me right, since I'd done absolutely nothing to even get started on any of the stuff I wanted.
At least you seem to have reasonable goals and a decent time frame to achieve them in.

nuttycow said...

I love this. I did a similar thing when I was about 12, writing a letter to myself in the year 2000 (or something) telling myself who I fancied, who my friends were, what I wanted out of life etc. Of course, I read it a year later and absolutly pissed myself. *sigh*

The Major said...

Nice one, Rosie. You like to put yourself a lot of pressure on, don't you ?

Rosie said...

thanks, Prender, now i feel much better.

AJ - what was on your list?

fair play to you, Nutty. i still have some of the stuff i wrote when i was that age and i can't read it without wanting to die, it's so mortifying.

do you think i'm being unreasonable, Major?

Tom Evans said...

That's really a bit freaky. I turned 27 on the day you wrote this. Therefore I'm exactly one day older than you!

Rosie said...

freaky indeed, Tom. we should like, totally hook up.

AJ said...

My List ?
Well it was very similar to yours, but had some other stuff too and was way too optimistic and not thought out at all.

Now at 31.5 I can say I'm slightly closer. Well not really, but I'm optimistic that I'll get there by 35, and this time round at least I'm gonna use my head and get off my lazy arse.

At least now I have a haircut I like. (having gone through almost every conceiveable haircut I could think of and getting bored with them all, or just not liking how they made me look). That only happened in the last year, but at least I can cross that off my list, and hopefully won't get bored with it.

Rosie said...

hands up who wants to see a photo of AJ's haircut?

AJ said...

I'll show u mine if you show me yours.

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