Thursday, March 27, 2008

Phuck Off (Review: In The Name Of The Fada)

I made a half-empty promise there recently to review Des Bishop's latest offering, In the Name of the Fada. Thankfully a nice lady in Co. Chorcaí has saved me the bother and written one herself instead. Please adopt a sanctimonious and slightly whingeing tone as you read:

I was reminded by my gaelgóir friends to watch Des Bishop's Irish language programme, In The Name of the Fada, on RTÉ (March 13).
[Strike #1: Gaeilgeoirí don't have non-Gaeilgeoir friends, do they? And if you insist on referring to Irish speakers as if they merit a special category of friend - learn to spell Gaeilgeoir. Or look it up. Whatevs.]

The effervescent, high-pitched tone baffled me.
[Effervescence and Gaeilge, like Mentos and Diet Coke, do not mix. Oh no, wait...]

This new Irish word starting with 'ph' and ending with 'k' in phonetic sounds kept coming into his delivery of newly-acquired Irish; in fact it was used almost twice in some abairtí gearra.
[I believe the word may have been "fuck", Eilís, with an "f". The Urban Dictionary gives a handy guide to its usage.]

I was at a loss and reached for my bíobla na GaeilgeDomhnall), but failed to find such a word.
[I hear they're bringing out a Lolcat edition! I'm excited.]

However, this f..k focal kept 'adorning' each Irish sentence, and as it was not in keeping with the rich, flowery blas of the gaeilge that I learned, I lost interest and switched my TV to 'balbh'.
[Had they censored the subtitles?]

I was reminded of that old saying 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.
[I suspect you might be proof positive of that, Eilís.]

Eilís Bhriain
Caisleán Liatháin
Co Chorcaí

Abie Philbin-Bowman has written a review too, in the Dubliner. A scathing review, which is not at all self-promoting or shortsighted. (I suspect that scathing should be in inverted commas too, or air-quotes, or some such shit, for I suspect that's how the piece was conceived in Abie's head). He slates Bishop's assertion that Irish is "becoming associated with forward thinking and innovation"; according to the bould Abie, "Such self-delusion is a vanity project we can ill afford."

Reviews: Why bother your hole writing your own when you can take the piss out of someone else's?


AJ said...

Was that a review of a review?

Ok.. here's a review of a review of a review:
"While noting Rosie's less than impressed tones and the general taking-the-piss-ness of her overall review I find the language the young woman used fucking disgraceful. Not only did she correct Eilís Uí Bhriain's grammar and spelling she was generally dismissive of Eilis's review and on the closing sentence called into question the woman's intelligence. She also made reference to an internet phenomenon known as LOLCats. Hanging's too good for 'er I say"

Ahahaha :)

Rua said...

phuck the bitch, the phuck has she done for the phuckin language? she doesn't even know that there's no such thing as 'k'.....well not in my copy of the bible

Rosie said...

taking-the-piss-ness? i was being deadly serious.

nor in mine, Rua, nor in mine.

Ciarán said...

I'm a Gaeilgeoir and I can confirm that I don't have any non-Gaeilgeoir friends. I don't have any Gaeilgeoir friends either, but that's beside the point.

Rosie said...

spend more time boozing and less time blogging, Ciarán a chroí.

stereotyping said...

I think that woman makes an excellent point. After all, gaeilgóirí are, intrinsicly, much better people than the rest of the rabble on this island. Those who wear the Fáinne are intellectuall stronger, ethically superior and are pure of mind, body, heart and soul. They would never deign to lower oneself to uttering a curse word of the oppressors tongue. No they phucking well wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

oh please it's supposed to be light-hearted and funny. and it is. especially for those foreigners learning the language who relate to Bishop.

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