Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whingeing Explained

Auntie Flo' arrived last night, three months to the day since her last visit (blogs - useful for tracking your menstrual cycle). I'm so proud that I feel like calling my mam over in Kenya to tell her, so that she can be proud of me too.

And then I realise that I'm 27, not 12.

Jack over at Pandemian wrote a great post about what happens to her when she's premenstrual and doesn't know it;
There are many pleasant things about being sterile. [...] But my personal favourite is the sense of inner peace and beatific calm that settles upon you when you are able to finally let go of the constant low-level fear that is worrying about the tardy arrival of your period.
In her case she suffers from lapses in good taste while shopping. I suffer from that all the time. Mine instead seems to be heralded by crippling weltschmertz and a craving for cheese.


nuttycow said...

3 months? I'm 6 and still waiting.

Not that you needed to know that :D

Rosie said...

if it's PCOS, Nutty, 100mg of Aldactone and 2000mg of Glucophage a day seems to be working for me (in some capacity anyway, though it's taken a few years). not to be undertaken lightly though, it wreaks absolute havoc on your system. and i'm not allowed to eat bananas anymore.

Ellie said...

I have the cheese craving too. Preferably in a chicken fillet roll smothered in mayo.

conortje said...

I'm ah.... so proud of you :-)

Jane said...

You can't eat bananas,God I'd die without them.Why is that?

Rosie said...

hold the mayo, Ellie, unless it's nice homemade stuff. the white gloop from a jar is revolting.

thanks, Conor. and huzzah for you too, well done on not having TB! i was worried about you. don't leave it so long between posts next time you announce that might have a potentially life-threatening disease.

or look after yourself. whatevs.

because the drugs have sent my potassium levels through the roof, Jane, and apparently that's bad for your liver. given that my liver takes a pretty good fucking hammering on a quiet week anyway i figure the least i can do is lay off the bananas. i do miss them though, and once every six months i have banana on toast before i go to my consultant's appointment (only to be told that no, i still shouldn't eat them).

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

My dad was on dialysis for years and couldn't touch bananas so I used to buy him these wee yellow foamy banana goodies which have never seen a real banana in their short sweet lives but are still better than no nanas at all. Maybe give them a whirl if the craving starts to act up.

The very first thing he wanted after his kidney transplant 8 years ago was a banana. even now, he still has to be careful.

Can you eat grapefruit? Apparantly there's a whole load of drugs that react badly with that.

Sorry to hear of your PCOS troubles. That sucks.

Rosie said...

as far as i know i can gorge myself on grapefruit all i like. grapefruit reacts with enzymes in your gut and the reaction can boost your absorbtion of certain meds (meaning that the prescribed dose becomes dangerously high) but it doesn't apply to either of the drugs i've been prescribed.

i don't really like grapefruit though...

there was an urban myth about grapefruit juice intensifying/prolonging the effects of MDMA and ecstasy, but it's balls (wrong enzymes, apparently)

davey said...

..and I'm sure you setup very scientific tests to discredit the theory too my dear. Lemme guess.. you weren't in the control group?


Yous: OMG I love grapefruit juice. Don't you just LOVE juice? Hey control group, I looOOOove you guys!

CG: Up yours, party group!

Rosie said...

i have no idea what Davey's on about, Mam.

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