Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I managed to catch TG4's Rince ar Phár this evening, an excellent series on Irish language literature that might just give me the kick up the hole I need to get up off my arse and start writing something of worth. It reminded me too that I still have a meme hanging over me - pretend friend Prenderghast had the gall to tag me with a music meme, of all things. The challenge: to list seven songs that are shaping my spring. E.M. Esq, good sport that he is, got right on it and posted a list of hip to the groove shite that would put anything of mine to shame so instead I shall just post the one track, Orbital's Adnan's. They've had it on the soundtrack for each episode in the series, I've had it as my soundtrack ever since I bought In Sides in 1998. It's the last thing I listen to every night and if my brain could play a tune, I like to think it might be this one.

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red said...

Orbital- now there's a band I haven't listened to for aaagggesss. Probably since 1998 I'd say.
I'll give this a listen when I get home tonight. It might lead me to dig out my old Orbital LPs next time I'm home.

alan said...

I still have the odd mad notion in my head that one of these days I'm going to write something magnificent as Gaeilge... but that'll never happen.

You on the other hand; get writing! At once.

That programme sounds like it was v. interesting.

Mark G. said...

Ooohh that's an interesting version. Never heard that one.

Some of their b-sides and remixes are better than the album tracks. Gotta love that.

davey said...

Here, use this:


Almost as post-modern as your fancy new header.

Rosie said...

they're my all-time one true love, Red.

déanfaidh mé mo dhícheall, Alan. díreach tar éis colún eile a chríochnú do Nós* so níl mé iomlán díomhaoin... b'fhiú go mór breathnú ar an sraith - tá sé le fáil ar shuíomh TG4.

do bharúil an fiú dúinn tabhairt faoi comhthionscnamh - blag Gaeilge? nach mbeadh ag plé le cúrsaí teangan?

it's not a great version though Mark, is it... too lazy to upload one of my own but will do up a muxtape as Davey kindly suggests. i have a version of Style that everyone needs to hear (not the bagpipe one).

the header is the work-in-progress of one E.M Esq. i've asked him to make it a bit girlier in case people think i'm a man (because that happened a couple of times in my teens and i'm still traumatised).

Mark G. said...

Not great, no... but *different* - always a plus to a rabid completist like myself. I should be very interested to hear that version of Style (if I haven't already).

In the meantime, here's a storming, version of Nothing Left:

Rosie said...

you've likely heard the version of Style i'm on about, it's on the same album as Nothing Left Out (The Altogether Disc 2). if you don't have it, let me know - i'll send you a copy. there's a track called Monorail on it that's only fucking brilliant.

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