Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Squalling In The Sandpit

Googlechatting dorkily about meeting other bloggers at what was apparently an Irish Blog Awards Festival last March (I did not get the memo):
me: did you nerds make a big week of it?
13:50 him: four nights, i think.
13:51 me: and nobody invited me.
him: you hadn't insulted me to the pint that i felt like asking you out at that stage.
13:52 though pint works.
me: fair enough. i do still feel like the kid sitting in the corner, waiting for the other kids to notice me and ask me out to play.
13:53 the only problem is that i don't like a lot of the other kids, so i'm not sure why it bothers me.
well, the kids themselves may be nice, but i don't like their fingerpaintings.
i have pushed this metaphor too far. i know.
13:54 him: no, no, go to the finish, pull their hair till they notice you.
13:55 me: and then pretend i have a pain in my tummy and make the múinteoir call my mam to come and collect me.
him: You can just cut and paste this gold for your next post.
me: you reckon? because i have nothing else...
So there you are.


Darren said...


Nice post!

B said...

Is this blog awards thing entirely free?
If it is can I book a place now? regardless of whether I'm still around by then if it's free, I want it!

Annie said...

But the whole point of blogging is shunning actual human contact. You're always getting together, meeting people and looking them in the eye! Talking to them in person! You friendly, sociable Irish freaks.

emordino said...

Some cunt stole my shoe in first year and went home with it. I don't know if that has any metaphorical significance.

I've been to a few forum meets in the past, they're good fun. Especially when you don't like a lot of the people, because then you can gang up with the other people who don't like them and have West Side Story-esque showdowns. And/or lurk in a corner with a guy off his face on mushrooms.

problemchildbride said...

All you need is a ticket. I showed up and I amn't even an Irisher. It was pretty good. I met nice people and they had a bar.

Thriftcriminal said...

Chill on the bad mood. I know the point of view and used the same metaphor around the award time. Remember, the other kids are just noise. And they probably like their finger paintings, it's all irrelevant naval gazing after all :-)

Rosie said...

thanks, Darren.

yes, it is, B... i shall nominate you next year if you promise to brush up on your 80s cartoons and stop making me feel old(er).

it's become a habit alright, Annie. the other Annie and i were just talking on sunday about how we'd like to track you down next time either of us is in London. are you scared?

probably, EM. bet you had some explaining to do to your mammy.

so, who'd be in your gang? and who'd be in mine?

i met the barmen alright, Sam. ran away before i could meet many of the people though (see here)

my bad mood's nothing at all to do with the awards, Thrifty, it's just put me in too sour a humour to write anything of worth. apologies.

Radge said...

One time, when I was in fourth class, I told the teacher I was sick so my dad - who worked from home - came to collect me.

My mam, always the more shrewd parent, arrived back from work early.

She came up to check on me, and realised within moments that there was fuck all wrong with me - I just wanted to come home and play my Tomytronic.

She played along, though.

"Get dressed, ya poor thing, I'll bring you for a drive and make you feel better."

I bounded downstairs, got into the car, only for my mam to bring me straight back to school. She'd hidden my schoolbag in the boot and later told the teacher only to send me home if I was GENUINELY sick. I applaud her still.

Cheer up Rosie, even though this little story proves nothing about anything.

B said...

*buys Thundercats dvd*

I'm definitely at them awards now, I bet it'll cost money now... are travelling expenses paid for?

Thriftcriminal said...

Cool. Go read about my experience on the receiveing end of road rage then, it might make you feel better.

problemchildbride said...

Ah, I'd have come and said howza or something if I'd known you were there.

No I wouldn't. I didn't ethereally know you then, fer blogssakes.

But if I ever go to the awards again, and so do you, I'll come and say howza or something then.

Run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

Emordino - only one shoe?

Rosie - hurrah! I'd love to see you ladies. Let me know next time.

emordino said...

Yeah. Can't rightly remember how he got hold of it, but it was right before the end of the day and I ended up walking home with one shoe on. Needless to say my street cred flew up.

Rosie, I don't know if I'm established enough to be forming gangs. However, I will happily lurk in the background flicking a lighter with a hat pulled down over my face and sell my services to the highest bidder.

Rosie said...

i think our mammies went to the same school of parenting, Radge.

you smell like a student, B.

i read, Thrifty, and i laughed.

i doubt i'll be there next year, Sam (sez she, knowing that she will if she's shortlisted because she's a whore for shiny prizes). but i might host an alternative awards ceremony in Kennedys where i win things and people clap - you shall be invited.

will do, Annie.

"established enough" EM? lurking of any sort is fun - i do it on other people's blogs all the time. and judge them. silently.

B said...

I haven't even started college yet.

I'm a shelf stacker, not a student.

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