Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Horrible, Funny Bastards

Blogging can be very fucking boring sometimes. I feel a sense of responsibility when I shouldn't, I write posts that I don't have the energy for. I will not post unless I have something to say. Except that sometimes I'll post so that you have something to read. Can you spot the difference?

I hope not. But I can.

On days like that, I wonder why I bother. Whether or not my time might be better spent making jam. Or eating it. I wander from blog to blog looking for tidbits to restore my appetite for this fickle medium, pushing posts halfheartedly around my plate and picking through them for phrases that make me think fuck me, I wish I'd written that. But too many are stale; stories twice told, the presentation sloppy. Too much sugar. Not enough salt. Peppered with links, pickled in YouTube. Not to my taste.

Every now and then though, something's laid in front of me that makes me want to dress for dinner again. Like this.

Pass the relish, would you?


The Bad Ambassador said...

That's magic - many thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Of course your own blog is only marvellous too. "Picking through them for phrases that make me think fuck me, I wish I'd written that" - please, less of the false modesty!

Wish my Irish was better though.

Rua said...

Got about halfway through.....meh, not my style. You're right though, about blogs in general, I post too much shite aswell but this blog malarky is only a practice for me. I'm 21, if I made it anywhere at this stage I'd only fuck it up

B said...

The layout's great, the content is satirical newsy shizzle... which almost always simply means 'sub-morrisean'.

I think stories twice told are the best ones(nothing to do with the fact they're what I'm probably doing).

Annie said...

It's that "difficult second year". After that you stop caring.

oyebilly said...

When I can't think of anything to say I have a stock of pithy short posts to do.

That sometimes works.

Darragh said...

I loved this story. Cheers Rosie, great find :o)

Rosie said...

no false modesty here, Ambassador. i covet clever turns of phrase.

funny, Rua, i thought you in particular might like it.

twice told is okay if it's done with flair, B. not always the case, though.

stop caring? i think if that happened, i'd stop blogging, Annie.

how very methodical, Billy. now, go crack your whip over at our new blog and get those other lazy shites to pen something.

there's something there for everyone, Darragh.

B said...

so all I've to do is get every post co-composed by this fella

Thanks Rosie! He's unemployed at the moment too.

kiki said...

i'm sorry mine isn't presented well enough for you
i really am
still friends?

Rosie said...

he's pretty hot, B. i look forward to your collaborations.

Kiki, you dick, you need to write posts if you want me to read your blog. but yes, i still love you. even if you didn't send me a postcard from your holidays.

Conan Drumm said...

Had a gawk at it the other day and wish it well. It's teeth will sharpen up with time, I hope. Savage 'state of the nation' editorials would be good to read. And parodic lifestyle 'pieces', like interior design for dole offices now that more and more 'jobseekers' will be using them.

Rosie said...

what a wonderful thought - irish bloggers with sharper teeth.

and there i was worrying about sharpening my tongue.

problemchildbride said...

Sometimes I like the discipline of making myself come up with something. Lately, I've found myself with all kinds of other stuff occupying my time.

Blogging's a strange mix of the solitary and the social. We sit for hours alone at a computer, dribbling bits of ourselves into posts adn comments and interacting with people we know but might never meet.

I'm no longer bothered if I post less frequently for a while. I used to watch my readership drop off and think "yikes! Better post!" but, when I started blogging, the social aspect meant less to me than the solitary aspect, just sitting around making stuff up for my own amusement, posting it and seeing what would happen.

It's easy to get drawn into self-induced pressure to post - and as I said, I like the discipline of it oftentimes - but if it gets too mundane for a time, I've learnt not to sweat it, and to get on with other stuff for a bit. Spicy variety making life rich, and all that.

B said...

he's a 60 year old retired professional wrestler

kiki said...

i write posts
i just half write them then lose interest
i've got nearly as many drafts as published...

Homo J. Sapien said...

What's this post about?

Gardenhead said...

they read charlie brooker's tv go home at some point.

Rosie said...

other stuff's been getting on with me, Sam, which is more the problem.

he sounds perfect, B. like he might have some stories to tell. twice over.

less boast more post, Keeks.

it's a longwinded link to a new blog, Homo. and a thinly veiled whinge at the state of the blogosphere.

beats reading the RTÉ guide, GardenHead.

kiki said...

you have to come check it out now

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