Friday, December 05, 2008

Drop The Dead Donkey Already

Back to the scene of the crime: That Post.

How do we feel about it now, 177 days later? I ask because I have just been asked by Niall Kitson on behalf of PC Live (I assumed he'd want to know which version of Firefox I use, or if I'd ever heard of Linux, but no, he wants to know about the troubles I've seen and why I felt compelled to pose naked in a bath of milk and publish the results on the web). He diplomatically enquired about the bit of a row I got myself into, and how I feel about it since.

Did you feel vindicated at the end of the debate?

I dunno. So I google 'vindicated' to make sure that it means what I think it means. I then google 'vilified' because I think that might be closer to my truth. Semantics matter to me (and before I publish this, I will have googled 'semantics'). I know that by the time I left for Bilbao a week later, I was glad to be getting the hell out of Dodge. I know that when I logged on to check my mails from a café in Donostia, my hangover goading my curiosity into submission, I regretted it instantly. I read FlirtySomething's riposte through splayed and shaky fingers, then penned an apologetic email. Then deleted it. Then penned an apologetic post. Then deleted that too. I remember that the post included a stock photo of a gerbil holding up a bunch of tiny flowers - it seemed to say all that I thought I should. Imagine! In my defence, I was really hungover.

So did you feel vindicated? Didya, punk?

I don't know that I did. Because I don't know that it made any difference.


B said...

It didn't really make any difference, did it?

Was all fun for a bit though, especially returning a month later to see how bad the comments section became.

"'Rosie' apparently knows of Linux" may just appear in this article thingy.

Radge said...

What version of Firefox DO you use?

Just re-read the comments. Such opprobrium! If it helps, your blog inspired me to, like, SO sell my soul.

Tessa said...

I'm a new reader of your blog, having found you through Conortje, and I relish your sharp wit and terrific writing. Brave, if a bit foolhardy, of you to take on the Irish blogging establishment. You must have felt like you'd walked into a threshing machine.

It's been a long time since I lived in Ireland, but I remember how often I had to hold my whisht if I wanted to get along without any trouble. Ironic that now, as a blogger, to be back at the parish pump.

Holemaster said...

When you were in Bilbao did you wander out to their "Dalkey" and see the Poolbeg Chimneys on the left and the two headlands left and right? It's like a mini Dublin Bay.

the dublinista said...

Nothing like a bit of controversy to keep everyone on their toes. Do another one-but don't include ego couldn't take it...

C'est La Craic said...

Fuck it Rosie, you put everyone in the position where they feel obliged to show their sentiments. Either way you win, or you lose. So what's the difference.
If people (like me if I'm honest) don't that post and say you have no right to have an opinion on other blogs and that you are snobbish and elitist for your critisism, then then they are snobbish and elitist for trying to critise you. There lies within a beautiful paradox.
flirtysomething got a brilliant post out of it (zing) and you got a whole bunch of comments. And the world turns. You're a community of one when you blog. If somebody thinks your blog (ergo your writing) is worth taking the time out of their real life to post a comment, however worthless, it shows you've inspired something. Sure isin't that aleady something.
And if they don't, who gives a fuck. It's all ones and zeros anyway..

Conan Drumm said...

Did it kill anyone?

Did it save anyone's life?
Probably not.

The same could be said for The Mona Lisa, couldn't it?
I suppose... and your point is?

I forget.

No, wait... something about relativity, the size of the pond and the size of the fish in it...


Andrew said...

It hasn't really changed anything, no. The really shit bloggers were never going to up their game or quit. And more power to them for that. What you might well have achieved was to give a nudge to a few capable writers who often produced lazy, sloppy posts and reminded them that when something's worth doing it's worth doing well.

Or, if nothing else, the comments section exposed Mulley as the over-sensitive little princess that he is. Which, in turn, reminded plenty of bloggers that they really don't give a fuck about awards. And made a good few realise that they very much do.

Radge said...

Agreed, Andrew. Wholeheartedly.

Aidan said...

It was good entertainment at the time but I am amazed that a magazine is asking about it now. It wasn't exactly Barrack Obama, was it? Is there really going to be a whole article in that magazine just about that blog post?

RUA, Capital Gent said...

Try as I may I can't get passionate about this until other people get pissed off and then I go mad because its such a stupid thing to get pissed off about. So someone doesn't like your blog, so fucking what.

No matter what you do in any medium more people will 'not like' it than 'love' it. But thats ok becaus its only the ones who 'love' it that count.

Rosie said...

pretty fucking bad alright, B.

the new version, Radge. and opprobrium's a nice word (though i had to google it).

more like walking into a party (to which i had not been invited) and knocking over a table of drinks, Tessa.

nope, Holemaster, but i am looking for an excuse to go back. Lisbon's next on my list, though.

YEAH, Conan!

thanks, Andy. you gave a better answer there than the one i sent back to Niall. will you do my PR from now on?

hell no, Aidan. i really liked his questions, they were interesting. much better than the usual "why did you start blogging" etc.

capital gent! very good.

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