Sunday, December 21, 2008

So they All Rolled Over And One Fell Out

I haven't bothered to switch on the fairy lights this evening, because there's nobody here but me. The Leitrim Lady is in Leitrim and the Swede is in Sweden, but I am here because I'm not really sure where I should be.

Tonight, Love Lane feels lonely.

At home, my family will have the fairy lights on and the fire lit. Home? Home. Nowhere on earth feels more like home than my parents' house. But.

But for my bed.

For my bed; a fold-out couch in the front room. Its rich leather seats fold out into a firm foam mattress, the whole contraption rolls on casters. I have never felt such irrational antipathy for an inanimate object.

I joke about my parents' unhasty refurbishment of their home, about the loss of my room to my sister and the loss of her room to their walk-in wardrobe. To lose one was unfortunate; to lose two, well. Now, come Christmas and all that comes with her, my jibes don't seem so funny. My stubborn streak has struck me dumb and I cannot tell them that that is why I am sat here instead of curled up on their couch.


Radge said...

I've never heard of a caster before. Sounds very uncosy.

backpedalbrakes said...

I'm the only one without a bedroom at home since I skipped the country and my room became a den - it's a sofa bed for me too this Christmas. Fucked if there isn't a single comfortable one in existence.

Red Leeroy said...

While I will have a bed in my mothers I will have to sleep with the door and window jammed shut, as last year I woke up to a stream of cat urine onto my head. I obviously wasn't cat-welcome.

Conan Drumm said...

Oh that's poo, on wheels.

Would a blow up bed in your/sister's room be any better? If she's up for it then a quick trip to Argos is called for.

Sarah Gostrangely said...

Boo. Damn refurbishing. Tis not nice to be ousted to the couch. Happens to all though I think. Home improvement is the grown child's enemy.

Love this sentence,

"my stubborn streak has struck me dumb"

*I feel a song comin' on! Thnx!

Rosie said...

no sooner had i penned my self-pitying post than the Jaffa Cake arrived at the door, full of cheer and common sense. pointing out that i have made a home to be proud of on Love Lane, and that i am no less loved in my parents' place for it. he's right.

my sister's got a king sized bed and a tolerant ear - she's offered to share her room with me.

won't she be sorry.

there will be streams of dog urine upon my return, Leeroy, but that would be the Urchin's unbridled joy (and uncontrollable bladder).

Curly said...

I'm also debating about heading home for Christmas, but I don't have the room problem. Mine's still there along with a brothers and sisters who have long moved out.

the dublinista said...

Mine is a couch this year. I'm all too familiar with the old bedroom switcheroo that takes place when you leave... the sheets were still warm...

Rosie said...

well i've determinedly unpacked all my shit onto the office shelves and covered the desk in makeup and speakers, so it's my room now.

they've made it nice and cosy for me. i'm glad to be here.

sineadkeogh said...

I'm glad it worked out. Every year that I move more of my stuff to Dublin, I spend less time at home at Christmas. Down to 3 days this year. I think it's supposed to happen.