Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: Black Swan

Natalie Portman, looking well.

A cautionary tale for prima donnas and pushy mammies, with split nails, pulled quicks and stabby bits.


Anonymous said...

Meets Alien

KFS said...

but was it any good? I want to know what I'm missing.

Rosie said...

meets Alien? please to explain?

it's very good, KFS. my only quibble with it is that Vincent Cassel should have had a bit more to do (but that's just because i fancy him). you should go see it.

SDaedalus said...

I will never touch a hangnail again after seeing that movie.

I agree Vincent Cassel should have had a bigger role. Also, why did we not get to see him in tights? With a cane. Like all proper ballet maestros.

Or maybe he was shown so attired, and by some unfortunate stroke of fate it was those two minutes I went out to buy Slushies. I hope not.

How does Andrew feel about the Vincent Cassel thing?

Tim Footman said...

I am led to believe that the lesbian sex scene is distressingly non-voyeuristic and un-tacky.

Anonymous said...

It's probably just me but all the special effects with something moving under her skin made me think that a baby black swan was going to erupt from her stomach at any moment, it's beak wide open looking for it's first feeding. Pretty sure it's just me though.

Rosie said...

Daedalus, if there was a picture of Vincent Cassel in tights i'd have it plastered all over the post. to cheer us up, here's one of him with a moustache.

i didn't ask Andrew how he felt about it, but we did discover a shared phwoar for Paul McGann over the weekend, and he says that he finds it very reassuring to know that i'll still fancy him when he's "old" (like Vincent Cassel, Paul McGann, Alfred Molina and the fella offof the Aer Lingus ad).

you will be sadly disappointed, Tim.

now i getcha, Anon. the special effects rather spoiled the sex scene for me, as i was too afraid of what might come bursting out of her to enjoy what did actually come bursting out of her. if you get me.

Andrew said...

The handsome beardy fella you're referring to is in an ad for Dublin Airport, not Aer Lingus. I caught his name during an excahnge filled with Cork pride somewhere on Mulley's blog, but I forget it now.

Andrew, for the record, only really cared for Vincent Cassel when he had a skinhead and was knocking seven shades of shit out of French cops.

Conan Drumm said...

"'old' (like Vincent Cassel, Paul McGann, Alfred Molina and the fella off of the Aer Lingus ad)"

...and not forgetting Geoffrey Rush.