Thursday, March 10, 2011


A chairde dhíl, más de dheasca m’ainmniúchán sa rannóg Lip Service to the Irish Language a tháinig sibh anseo, gabhaim leithscéal. Cé go bhfuil Gaeilge líofa (agus gramadach lofa) agam, ‘sé Béarla mo rogha teanga ar an mblag. Mar a tharlaíonn, níl aon rud scríofa agam i nGaeilge ó 2009. Tuigeann mo léitheoirí go bhfuil Gaeilge agam, is dócha, agus mar thoradh ar a ndea-thoil (agus a ndíograiseacht i leith gach bhosca a líonadh ar an bhfoirm) a ainmníodh mé. Táim buíoch dóibh as smaoineamh orm, ach sílim go léiríonn sé easpa measa ar an rannóg Use of the Irish Language in a Blog go bhfuilim anois ar an liosta don chomórtas ceannais.

Glacaim leis go rabhadar gann ar ainmniúcháin. Is dócha go bhfuil pobal léitheoireachta na mblaganna Gaeilge beag go leor, agus seans nach mbacann roinnt mhaith acu le blaganna a ainmniú do na Mulleys. Níor bhac mé féin. Léigh mé tríd na liostaí, áfach; drochnós ar chomhcéim le mo shrón a phiocadh. Thugas faoi deara nach raibh rannóg na Gaeilge ar na gearrliostaí a foilsíodh an tseachtain seo chaite, agus bhíos ag déanamh iontas an bhfuaireadar réidh leis. Feicim go bhfuil urraíocht ag an gcatagóir – an é nach bhfuil moltóirí ann dó? Go bhfios dom, ní dhearna éinne moltóireacht ar an mblag seo i leith na Gaeilge go fóill, ainneoin gur foilsíodh liosta na n-iomaitheoirí sa chomórtas ceannais. Sonraíonn staitisticí an suímh na cuairteanna ó na moltóirí agus ní dheachaigh éinne acu níos faide ná an leathanach tosaigh, ná ní dhearna éinne acu cuardach d’ábhar i nGaeilge. Bhíos ainmnithe i rannóg eile agus seans go rabhadar i mbun moltóireacht ar sin, ach shílfeá go ndéanfaí cinnte de gur chomhlíon iarrthóirí bunriachtanas na rannóige roimh áit sa chraobh a thabhairt dóibh. Ní haon leithscéal easpa iomaíochta ar an easpa cúraim, agus tá níos fearr tuillte ag urraitheoirí na rannóige (Edgecast Media) agus acu siúd a scríobhann i nGaeilge agus a mbeadh dúil acu aitheantas a fháil as.


Andrew said...

For those of us unfamiliar with such stuff, Rosie couldn't be arsed providing a translation right now. However, Google, as ever, have our backs. I'm sure you'll agree that the following translation showcases Rosie's trademark élan:

Irish to English translation
A beloved friends, if m'ainmniúchán crashes in LIP Service department to the Eng Language you came here, I apologize. Although fluent in Irish (and rotten grammar) I, 'it's my English language option on the blog. In fact, I have not written anything in Irish since 2009. Appreciate my Irish readers that I, probably, and as a result of common good (and dedication to fill every box on the form) I was named. I am grateful to them for thinking of me, but I think it shows disrespect for the division of the Eng Language Use in a Blog that I am now on the list for the final competition.

I accept that they were short of nomination. Suppose that Irish people reading blogs are quite small, and probably not many of them obstructs the blogs nominated for the Mulleys. I actually did not stay. I read through the lists, however; drochnós on equal footing with my nose to pick. I gave notice that the Irish department of the shortlists published last week, and I was making ready to surprise the first found. I see that the category sponsor - the judges are not there for him? To my knowledge, did not judge anyone on this blog for the Irish yet, despite being published a list of competitors in the tournament final. Specifies the location of statistics of visits from the judges and did not have any more than the front page, nor did any of them to search for material in Irish. I was named in another department and that they were likely carrying judged, but you'd think that ensure that candidates meet the minimum requirement before a place in the championship division to them. Lack of competition does not excuse the lack of care, and better deserving of the department sponsors (Edgecast Media) and those who writes in Irish and would love to get recognition from them.

KFS said...

That clears it up nicely, sort of.

Radge said...

'I was making ready to surprise the first found.'

That's a happy little translinguistic accident, right there.

Rosie said...

and people said that Google Translate would put my ilk out of business! it got just one sentence right.

long story short(ish):
I haven't posted in Irish since 2009, but I'm listed as a finalist in the token Gaeilge category for the blog awards. The judges don't appear to have looked beyond the first page of the blog, which should have been enough to exclude me from that category. I understand that nominations were few, but out of respect for the sponsor and anyone who might like to be considered for the prize, a little more care would be prudent.

Karen said...

I did notice that and think 'huh?'

Also notice that someone who ran in the general election, as a first time candidate, who was not a politician and because he was not elected is now still not a politician is a finalist in the Best Politician Blog.

And he only started blogging in January or February, when I thought the rules were you had to be actively blogging between last September and now.


Sarah said...

hi I studied honours Irish in the leaving cert and I just about got the jist of the post, but i was glad to see the full translation here. Anyway I think the Irish blog awards is a nice idea, but just that, I don't think there are enough people in Ireland actually blogging in general to make some of the blogs award category's worthwhile.

Also some important categories which seem like they obviously should be included such a Best Blog by a Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual category. or what about best multicultural blog. like blogs by a non Irish person in Ireland. We have plenty of them.

Anyway thats just my take on it

Rosie said...

i emailed them about it, asked to be taken off the list and offered to judge if they're stuck. i got an acknowledgement and am still on the list, so i dunno what the craic is.

i'd tell you to mention it to them, Sarah, but chances are that you'd be told to fuck off and organise your own awards. they have a "like it or lump it" policy.

igaeilge said...

I don't think there should be a Best Blog by a Gay, Lesbian or Otherwise simply because it seems it's immaterial to the blog what the sexuality is of the person who writes it.

I think there's some improvement over the past few years. I'm keeping iGaeilge going myself and enjoy the outlet - I try to encourage others to come forward and some do. Most don't/