Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Hanna

Nice poster. Stupid film.

"I thought it was better than Source Code" said Andrew. "Oh yeah?" I said "Which bits, exactly?"

I suppose it was better. Ish. Hanna looks great, all indie typography and Eric Bana in a beard. There's a lovely scene where he emerges from the sea in a pair of grotty longjohns and you can nearly make out the outline of his willy. The film's Chemical Bros. soundtrack was very exciting for the fighty bits and it made me want to take drugs and punch something that wouldn't skin my knuckles. But that's about the height of it. Hanna's all fur coat and no knickers.


Radge said...

The most reviewy of all your reviews, I would say.

Haven't seen it but I may of a showery evening.

Rosie said...

stay home and eat your toenails or something instead, Radge. i'd have walked out if Andrew hadn't kept giving me jelly babies.