Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

Lydia Rose Bewley. I couldn't find any pictures of her from the film itself.

I spent the whole film anxiously watching to see how they'd treat Jane. The Fat Girl. Because I'm a Fat Girl. She's pretty. I'm pretty. They even put her in one of my dresses.

Jay called her a fat pig from outer space and ran away when she took her clothes off to go skinnydipping. Later, she gave him a blow-job in the toilet. He'd grown as a person! Yay! Happy ending!

I'd rather he'd given her head, to be honest.

They did manage to squeeze a fat joke in about eating out though, fair play to them. In the post-credits sequence a door opened to catch them in the act while they're in bed having sex feeding each other slices of pizza. Dirty pigs! LOL! It reminded me of the post-credits sequence in Bridesmaids where Megan talks about the open flaps on her big bear sandwich.

Big fat fucking sigh.


Ciara said...

I've followed your blog from a distance for a while but had some time off recently and have been reading random Rosie...I really admire how you've carved out a space for yourself, it's a rare feat methinks. I really enjoy your writing and your honesty, so thanks!

Annie said...

Your last three blog posts have been movie reviews. You are clearly spending too much time at the cinema and not enough time at your computer.

Rosie said...

thanks a million, Ciara.

alright already, Jiminy Cricket.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was great potential in this subplot, but unfortunately it turned out to be rather mean-spirited.

At the end of the day, Jay only ends up with her because she makes it painfully obvious she´s available. And gives him a blowjob. There is no real sense that he is at all attracted to her, which is a shame.

Would have been much funnier if Jay had learned to come to terms with the fact that he actually thinks she is pretty (As opposed to him coming to terms with the fact that he likes an ´ugly´ girl). This probably in the face of derision by his mates. Cue jokes about being a chubby chaser etc.

Also, this would have been kinder to the beautiful actress playing Jane.

Anonymous said...

I fancy Jay, and wish he had ended up with one of the prettier girls in the film (ideally, my namesake Rachel, who accompanied Carly on holiday). It could have been the best film ever, if the fat plain Jane hadn't been in it! I give her only 40% for looks, in the movie; but I must admit I give her 80% in this photo from the premiere: her blue dress & red ringlets are stunning.