Tuesday, May 29, 2007

For Shame

I'm fucked for this cycling trip. Finally got around to picking my bike up from my grandparents place yesterday evening. Cycled home- fainted. Ridiculous. Low blood pressure or no, fainting after a half hour cycle is just embarrassing. So I giddied up for another crack at it this morning, and cycled into work. Made it as far as the bathrooms before things went swimmy and I keeled over again. I'm not horribly unfit. I walk at least 4 miles a day and enjoy it. But as soon as my arse hits the saddle it's a different story. And if I can't manage the 2 mile cycle into work without making a show of myself, how am I going to last in Belarus?

Panic, panic, panic, panic...

In other news: oh no, wait, there is no other news. Fear of death by bicycle has taken over my every waking moment.