Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sos Cogaidh

Friday's post* was some shitstorm in a teacup, eh? The rest of my weekend was pretty quiet by comparison, I spent Saturday afternoon washing every stitch of clothing I own and ironing none of it (new policy) and Saturday night in Naas watching Kindergarten Cop, eating chocolate and huffing over nothing much at all. Good times.

My sprawling, bawling critique will likely have lost me a reader or two, so to balance things out I did something I had been meaning to do for a while - I emailed the link to my Crash Grandadicoot posts to my mother. She spent a few hours shuffling through them in reverse chronological order, had a browse around some of the other posts and then emailed me to tell me how reading them had made her laugh and cry. Most importantly she told me that she loves me, even though I'm puking this stuff all over the internet for strangers to read. Confident that I hadn't lost her affections, I decided that this might be a good time to break it to her about the sex column... and the TV3 exposé. So I did as any savvy kid would do and waited until I had cover - in the form of my Nana and some of my parents' friends who had come for Sunday dinner. Over roast beef and Yorkshire puddings I told them all about my secret double life as a peddler of filth and they took it very well. Nana even said she was proud of me (though she added that she's proud of all her grandchildren so I think she was speaking of a general pride, not one specific to my smutty scribbles). My coming clean to them happily coincides with my getting my arse in gear and republishing the columns in English. It'll be a little like waiting for the VHS release instead of forking out for the cinema but if you're curious and have a few hours to spare (they're as long as some of Friday's comments) I'll be publishing them in the sidebar from now on.

*It's sparked a few posts elsewhere; AJ reckons an apology is in order, Alexia offers an alternative view, Andrew and Darragh think it's a topic worth discussing, and Eli Mordino plans to wax lyrical on it himself. Jazz Biscuit, meanwhile, called me a super heroine (albeit one who likes to headbutt things) and then shot his load. I'm flattered. It's the closest I've come to pleasing a man in some time.


problemchildbride said...

I didn't know about the sex columns! Boy, am I ever off for a snoop-see!

Primal Sneeze said...

Was our mum shocked that you wrote them all back in 1981?

By the way, I thought the originals were better. Then that may be something like the "see the film before reading the book" syndrome kicking in.

Chanberry said...

I'd love to be able to reveal the existence of my blog to my family. My brothers read, but not parents. I'd be afraid I'd start censoring myself.

Aidan said...

I am amazed that you decided to publish translations of your Nós columns. It's a pity in one way because people who speak okay Irish need to have something to stimulate them to read in that language. If the column is available in English then the will to do that will be less.
The beauty of Nós is the fact that it has original, fresh writing in Irish. If there was Nós as Béarla I think that the momentum Nós has generated would be nuked out of the water.

Rosie said...

she was, Primal, given that i was but a day on this earth... and i presume you mean "your mum"? or is there something i should know about?

i haven't read anything on your blog that i think your mammy would be put out by, Chanberry, but i know just what you mean. i deliberately didn't give my mother the link to mine for a long time but in march i published a short post as a tribute to a friend who had died. my mam is very close to his family and through the magic of google the piece had been passed on to them. they were very touched by it and said so to my mam, so i showed it to her and explained a little about what i was up to. i don't know if she'll read regularly (i doubt it - neither my brother or my sister do).

bhí mé idir dhá chomhairle, Aidan. i don't think the translations diminish the originals, at least i hope not. i think Nós and the blog probably have very distinct readerships so after dithering for a bit i decided to go ahead with posting them. Cailín sa Chathair is just one column out of the dozens published in the magazine and i can't imagine anyone reads it for that alone, so i'm confident it won't affect their readership.

Aidan said...

I don't want to come over as too much of a fan but it is the best article in the magazine IMHO.
Anyway, you're probably right in that I won't stop reading Nós myself. I can see why you might want the column to be read more widely too. Good luck with it!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I wish I'd paid more attention in gaeilge now.

If my family read my blog my head would explode.

Most likely from the brick to the temple one of them would deliver.

jusk said...

Ah, Garda Naíonra. A Schwarzenegger classic, soon to be re-dubbed & re-released.

"Is garda mé, a amadán."

B said...

like VHS eh? I'm gonna presume that means they'll only be viewable on pre-Windows 95 Operating Systems, which means they're f*cking useless(also like VHS).

If my family read mine they wouldn't be too surprised with any of it I reckon.

Rosie said...

very kind of you to say so, Aidan.

XBox, it's surprising what mammies will forgive.

Jusk, we should look for funding to do just that. it would be the best summer project ever.

nope, you sound like a what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of guy, B. admirable. if you were 10 years older i'd ask you out.

Annie Rhiannon said...

"Was our mum shocked that you wrote them all back in 1981?"

THIS why I am so confused over whose sister it is who has the bathtub and whether or not Primal is your step-brother.

Primal Sneeze said...

@ Annie - This is getting to be like the time I drank that waterbed. One lous waterbed. Just one. Never allowed forget it.

One tpo, and here we go all over again.

M key isn't working. Ok? That's all. Wh ou don't believe me is beond me. Wh? Wh?

aonghus said...

republishing the columns in English.

Dúirt Aidan cheana é, ach is dóigh liom gur tréas é sin! ;-)

Tá gach rud ar fáil as Béarla cheana. Má tá gach rud fiúntach aistrithe go Béarla, cén fáth go gcuireadh daoine a bhfuil Gaeilge imeallacha stró orthu féin?

aonghus said...

Grr. Tá galar Phrimal tógtha agam.

"Gaeilge imeallach acu"

Rosie said...

thuigeas a bhí i gceist agat, Aonghus. ach is dóigh liom go bhfuil fiúntas iontu féin sna giotaí aistrithe agus go bhfuil fiúntas i ngníomh an aistriúcháin chomh maith. déanfaidh sé maitheas domsa mar scríbhneoir ar aon nós!

Rua said...

*an apology is not in order.

tom said...

With all this talk of writing this week, I was wondering if anyone is interested in joining our team of writers at dublin metblogs? URL is

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Rosie said...

i wouldn't demand or expect one from him, Rua.

i've mailed you, Tom... check your spam folder!

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