Monday, July 07, 2008

Why I Love Dublin No. #1874

The office workers crossing the lock bridge on the Canal Road remind me of ducklings, hurrying across one after the other, waddling into the waiting Barge all of a huddle. I keep walking. A flash of orange in the water catches my eye, a recumbent traffic cone lies like a sleeping koi on the canal bed. The horse chestnut overhead trails its leaves across the surface of the water and I imagine how it must feel - like fingertips skimming skin. Man, I think, I need to get laid.

The prosaic has become poetic now that I lack music for my pedestrian adventures; I dropped my i-pox on its pretty little head and it no longer trills for me. So the world around me takes on a musical air as I meander home along the banks of the Grand Canal every evening.

My imagined soundtrack is silently interrupted as I walk down Wilton Terrace; there is a man lying on the grass between the two pathways. He's curled up on his side, his arm cradling his face and his baseball cap lying comically positioned, two inches above his head. One of the new faces who has made the bank of the Grand Canal his non-home over the last few months. People stare at him curiously as they walk past (once they're sure he can't see them) but nobody stops to make sure he's okay. Something about his clothes tells them that this, for him, is normal. So they keep walking, as do I.

Down at Warrington Place there are two men and a little boy of four or five fishing, the men drinking cans of cider which are strewn around the bench where they've left their wriggling bag of bait. As they cast their lines it's unclear whether or not they're fishing for ducks; the ducks look decidedly worried. The little boy gives me a big hello when I smile at him.

Just one more bridge to Love Lane. Home.


problemchildbride said...

You know when you're walking along a quiet street and singing your head off and then someone comes round the corner and there is no way to pretend you haven't been singing? That has happened to me so many times now that I can't even muster up much embarrassment about it any more.

Sing, Rosie, sing! Sing out your pedestrian footpath blues! Love will come all rough-cheeked and randy soon enough.

It's good when the ipod fails from time to time.

gimme a minute said...

Jeez, way to lead the stalkers to your door, dude.

B said...

I sing in Dublin.

I've got a bit of an ode to my home too, here it is:
The middle of the town is empty... not much happening. Recently they added a traffic light to the centre of the town. It surely must be the towns biggest attraction of all time, it keeps people there for longer than their usual 5 seconds it takes to drive through it.
I start walking home, there's some fields and cows and shit.
I arrive at my house.

Darragh said...

I used to work down that area, and the way you describe it evokes all sorts of memories. However tis not so nice a walk in the rain!

Nowadays I approach from the opposite direction, just before the Luas cuts off towards James' and Heuston. Still, there's a part of me that grew up near a river and often wonders if the canal water would be fun to swim in. Maybe one day.

Rosie said...

rough-cheeked and randy love? goodness. i wasn't speaking metaphorically though, as Gimme has kindly pointed out.

Gimme, a friend of mine couldn't even find it with a GPS. i reckon i'm safe enough. (and "dude"? what the fuck?)

sounds idyllic, B.

swimming in the canal (or that canal at least) is not fun, Darren. just ask Scuba Steve.

Conan Drumm said...

Lovely. Many happy pedestrian memories of Baggot Street, and canal walks. I hope you're 'writing' writing as well, Rosie. Pearls before swine, and all that!

Rosie said...

what's "writing" writing when it's at home? and where would one find the time to do such a thing?

Little Miss said...

You should be ""writing" writing" for Fáilte Ireland by the sound of things.

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