Friday, October 15, 2010

Review: Back to the Future

Andrew's friend Stuart has a DeLorean. He says he'll let me drive it but not Andrew because I am a very good driver and Andrew is not.
He was drunk at the time, but I remember.

Too much Coke + Sherbet DipDab + Back to the Future back on the big screen = EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENT!

...and then a sugar crash and a cranky little nap in the cinema.


emordino said...

BTTF films are the most exciting thing in the world. We went the day after my party and Christina and Laura were literally gasping. I didn't think people actually gasped in the real world. (Mind you, they are a couple of divs, so.)

Kitty Cat said...

The night we went to see it we came home, got drunk, played MarioKart on the SNES and listened to En Vogue, Ini Kamoze, Warren G, Snap and other such artists. Nostalgia overload. It was deadly.

Conan Drumm said...

Earlier this year I overtook a DeLorean on the Mullingar bypass in my 1.0l banger. I think the fuel cost of putting a DeLorean on the road mean you dare not go faster than 25mph.

Rosie said...

i was gasping the day after your party for entirely different reasons, Colm.

sounds like a good night, Kitty. all that on top of the sherbet would have been too much for me. i went straight to bed once we got home.

i don't think Stuart's gone any faster in his, Conan. he's waiting for it to be vintage to that he can save on tax and insurance, so he only ever takes it out for DeLorean rallys. safety in numbers!