Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Hungry Rosie:
Turkey and cheese, please.
Normally mild-mannered shop lady:
Lovely. It's you that doesn't like the mayo, love, isn't it? I do mix you up with the girl from Lowe'ses next door. She's nice too.
Hungry Rosie:
[polite laugh]
Normally mild-mannered shop lady:

The fuckin' builders have eaten all me fuckin' cheese. Bastards. I won't be gettin' anny more cheese in til the mornin'.
Ridey till boy (the reason I buy lunch there):
I had a lovely roll for my lunch, loads of cheese on it there was. Sorry about that... [winks]
I wonder would she slather him in butter and stuff him between two slices of bread of me?


Paul Heron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosie said...

no! he flirts like that with everyone, that's why all of rathmines (builders included) buy their lunches there.

besides, i thought it was time to stop hopping from one friendly event to the next?

stereotyping said...

You could tempt him with cheese, apparently!

Foreigner by Default said...

Well consider yourself lucky you got out of the shop unharmed, taking into account the shop lady's moments of rage.

Congratulations on finding a cute funny(?) guy though, seems to be a distinct shortage.

Paul Heron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosie said...

*is confused by Paul's well-meant but mixed messages*

Stereo, i'm enough of a mess as is without going around with pockets full of cheddar.

the world is full of cute and funny men, Foreigner. they all have girlfriends.

or maybe standards. i always confuse the two.

Jayne said...

Forget the bread, just slather him in butter and go for it...

aj@lecraic said...

Was going to say "ask him out" as well, but see someone beat me to it. But even if he flirts like that with everyone, sure there would be no harm in asking him if you like him. I did that once with a girl in a Spar, she said no as she had a boyfriend. I still gave her a Christmas card though as she always brightened my morning.

Rosie said...

sweet, AJ.

still, no.

parlezvousmoo.com said...

Not even a little asking him out? For us?

Or at least a covert picture so we can have a slobber too.

Rosie said...


no joy out of him today anyway, barely a smile. i got a wink and a "howrye darlin'" from two of the builders instead, but it think that's just because i ran across to the shop with no coat on (and it's very cold outside).

covert picture? what is it with you people demanding photos of everything? use your damn imaginations! anyway, he's the type of man i'd slobber over, but i suspect most other women wouldn't give him a second glance.

i have funny taste. allegedly.

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